Applications for colorFabb nGen_FLEX

nGen Flex is great for those who are looking for a durable flexible material to be used in their prototypes, demonstrators or even final parts. nGen_FLEX has excellent chemical resistance, extremely high temperature resistance and great layer-to-layer adhesion resulting in very tough parts.


Flexible joints and protective covers

Even printed at single layers nGen_FLEX shows great toughness and strength, because of an excellent layer-to-layer adhesion. This makes the material suited for making protective covers which need to withstand the rigors of everyday use.

Flexible joints and living hinges is another great application for this material, the toughness of the material will result in durable hinges.

Seals & Temperature resistant parts

The temperature resistance in combination with the semi-flexible nature of the material makes this material uniquely suited for tight custom seals which will also withstand higher temperatures.


Design by _sOnGoKu_


Design by Gyrobot

Prosthetics & Orthotics

Prosthetics need materials which will withstand everyday, its chemical resistance allows parts to be cleaned without the need to worry about damaging the material. It’s even possible to steam sterilize this material at 121C, which is a huge advantage for the medical sector.

Apparel & sportswear

This might not be the first applications you would think about when talking about a semi-flex materials. However once you get your head around it, it makes sense. Think about custom made wristbands for sports watches or smartphones. Or what about your very own custom pair of fashionable flip-flops?


Design by Gyrobot


Design by Daniel Noree

Extremely tough parts

nGen_FLEX is not just any semi-flex material. The combination of key material properties such as heat resistance, layer-to-layer adhesion and and elongation at break of 400% make this a engineering grade material.

Tough parts which are nearly indestructible are now within reach on desktop based 3D printers.




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